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I help divorced/separated women rise from feeling lost and broken, to powerful and complete.

Let me guess? This is you.

  • You wonder where you go from here?

  • You lack confidence?

  • You suffer with low vibe emotions (shame, guilt)

  • You struggle to see a way through and out of your current situation and feelings?

  • You're in disbelief that your relationship is over and unable to process it?

  • You replay what might have been different over and over in your head?

  • You're devastated and scared?

  • You're in physical pain? Exhausted?

Picture this... you are confident in your new single life, living it for you and no one else. You have a game plan for what you want next in life and how to get there. 

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Why Me?

I have been where you are. I understand. I can help. 

I work with women going through divorce and separation who struggle with feeling out of control, lost, fearful or the future and unconfident. I help and support them through their divorce or separation to a happy, single life they revel in.

I support women to reach a place where you can process what has happened and go from wondering 'how am I going to do this, 'what will life look like now', 'am I ever going to be able to start over' or 'will I make the same mistakes in future', to owning your power, feeling worthy and self confident in your new, incredible chapter of life.

Whether you are someone who is going through divorce or separation and feel like life as you knew it is over, and you have no control or self confidence in what to do next. Or you're already divorced or separated and find yourself scared of being alone, fearful of making the same mistakes, or like you aren't doing as well as people may think. My hope is that you leave our sessions feeling supported, in control, worthy and complete just as you are, and with a game plan to not only get through this period but find your incredible new life at the end of the tunnel.

How do I know I can help you do this? I was there. I have done the work and know I can help get you there.

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In Working With Me

Whether you are feeling unconfident, codependent, with low self worth, or sad and scared about the future. It is about overcoming the self doubt and fear to become confident, independent and happy. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, feel embarrassed, weak and unclear on the future. 

Who I work with?

I work closely to support motivated and committed women who need support to overcome the breakdown of their relationship and uncover the blocks holding you back, breakthrough your fear and give you the exact formula and tools to embrace your amazing life.

My 12 week 7 step unique REJOICE method will help you go from low vibe emotions of fear, shame, guilt, sadness and you're enough, secure, independent and happy.

I am a Certified Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro linguistic programming, EFT/Tapping and TIME technique practitioner and MBA. I know that sounds like a lot of words! Essentially it means I have lots of tools in the toolkit to help support you!

You deserve to be happy.

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What I Can Help You With

​Using my unique 7 step REJOICE method we will:

  • Remove shame around your divorce/separation

  • Elevate your thinking

  • Jumpstart your new life

  • Own your reality and new life

  • Improve your outlook and let go of low vibe emotions

  • Control your anxieties and fears and regain control of your life

  • Expand your possibilities and process what has happened

My unique REJOICE method is customised to your individual situation, be it already divorced or in the process. By addressing these 7 areas you will begin to see success in your new life and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In order to truly achieve your goals and dreams we have to commit to challenging our thinking, learn to step into the unknown and stay accountable. My 1:1 coaching is deigned to give you all the tools you need to access your full potential. You have to be the one to take those tools and turn them into your new life.

I work with dedicated individuals ready to fully commit to their success and investing in themselves and their growth. If this is you then apply to work with me below.

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Work With Me: Services

6 Week Journey

  • 3 fortnightly 50 minute 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Unlimited business Whatsapp or email support between sessions

  • Opportunity for us to leverage hypnotherapy/EFT (tapping) and other areas I am qualified in during our coaching sessions if we think they will support you reach your goals

  • Individual bespoke action plan

  • Support designed specifically for you

  • A safe, confidential space

  • Accountability support between sessions

  • Homework between sessions to help you reach your goals

What people are saying


I can 100% say that I've felt a weight lifted. I've had a much easier time catching myself when I start to spiral into overthinking and letting those thoughts go. 

To anyone with doubts, I urge you to work with Amy. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Working with Amy over the past three months has been transformational. It’s easy to be sceptical about people and programs that claim to do this, but Amy’s care, commitment, talent and joy are game changers… if you are ready to change your life for the better, give yourself the chance to feel amazing and are willing to go at it 100%, Amy will help you unlock the door to your fantastic new future. 


What were you struggling with before working with me?
Low confidence and really low self-esteem.  I felt really trapped and in this negative cycle.

What have you achieved since working with me?
A complete understanding and ability to tap into my inner strength.  Through Amy’s coaching sessions I was able to see why my reality had been shaped by certain life experiences, and it was like she came over and just lifted this colossal weight off my shoulders.  I feel so much more at peace on a daily basis, strong and self-assured, with a positive mindset laying the foundations of each day.  I loved the tools Amy gave me to use out of our sessions too as it means I am always able to use these for any negativity that does creep in.

What is your reality now? 
Polar opposite from before!! In the time I worked with Amy my confidence increased 10-fold.  I am out of my shell  saying YES to opportunities I would have never given myself a chance on before.

How does it feel to be there?
Incredible.  It’s so sad to think of the years I wasted. Amy really helps you tap into that inner power and shows you the power of being your true, unapologetic self.  I just wish I had worked with Amy sooner!


What were you struggling with before working together?

I didn't know who I was, where to go or what I wanted, or how to do anything. I knew I needed to change this, but wasn't sure what and how. I was full of anxiety, self-doubt, pain and negativity towards myself and maybe also to the the rest of the world. I didn't know how to give myself structure for my thoughts or plans for the future partly because I didn't know what I wanted my future to be or what I was thinking. I felt almost defeated, and had been in a very low place.

What have you achieved since we started working together?

I've created an action plan with SMART goals which has given me more clarity on the kinds of things I want. I have gotten a new job in line with my future plans, and the work we have done has helped me prepare for the interviews, and helped me ensure I got the job. I didn't sell myself short as I had more confidence in my abilities. I've started to challenge my negative self-talk that was limiting me.

What is your reality now?

I'm kinder to myself, bolder, getting more clear about what I want. I am calmer, happier and able to express my needs without as much fear of judgement. I feel more like I do deserve what I want, and that I shouldn't compromise on that. I feel more able to cope with things and I am looking forward to what my life will be like. 

How does it feel to be there?

I feel ready for the next stage, excited for my new job, proud that I've made progress. I have more energy and positivity about the world and myself. I feel more comfortable in myself, and that I'm starting to love myself. I feel like I am discovering things about myself, as I start to feel like like I am becoming "me".


I couldn't understand why I felt so worthless, which in turn frequently made me feel deeply unhappy. I have such a clear understanding of myself now, my self worth and my value, my ability to make choices and have opinions and for that to be ok, my faith that my business will be successful- I feel like a different person.

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Discover the New You Workshop

This free workshop was held in conjuction with the Frolo app and can be accessed entirely free below. 
The purpose of the workshop is to start to work through what you want from your new life and how to go about getting it. 
Have a pen and paper handy and enjoy!

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