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How can a Divorce Coach help?

I hear you ask! During a divorce we are already spending money on solicitors and the division of assets. Adding a divorce coach bill into the mix can feel like an additional cost that we don't know if we need.

As a divorce coach I help with the emotional aspect of divorce, including dealing with the grief, pain and stress. I also work with clients to make an action plan for, not only how to deal with their divorce, but how to move forward in their life post divorce. It can feel challenging to find yourself post divorce; what do you like doing? Where do you go from here? Where do you want to be in 1 year's time? These can feel like huge questions to ask yourself when it feels as though the middle has fallen out of your world. I help clients with this so that they can overcome the pain of divorce sooner.

During a divorce it can feel like your emotional state is such a burden. You can't talk to your solicitor about your emotions. You can talk to friends and family; but as the weeks and months roll on many of my clients feel as though they don't feel comfortable 'burdening' their loved ones and feeling as though they are not being a good friend because they feel as though they are constantly talking about their current situation. A divorce coach is an impartial, emotional support who can practically help you deal with the grief of divorce and make a plan with you for moving your life forward and feeling better sooner.

To discuss further, or learn more please reach out for a free 30 minute discovery call. Contact me:

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